EFFORTLESS OUTFITS: The Men's Guide to Matching Clothes for Powerful Impressions in Personal and Professional Life

4.8 out of 5 Stars
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This bestselling e-book will show you everything you need to know about matching your clothes. You'll never have to worry about mismatched outfits that make you look silly.

This book will take you from easy to more advanced outfits, all explained with picture examples and without any confusing fashion mumbo-jumbo. It will show you, among other things:

  • The crucial wardrobe hack that makes mixing and matching easy—it's so easy to apply, you'll wonder why you never heard of it before
  • The four foolproof ways to match your clothes — you simply can't go wrong with these
  • The three types of color-match and how to ACTUALLY make them work — most sources only give you half the information
  • The five factors you must weigh when rocking those patterns and prints — combine the wrong ones and you'll look like a clown
  • The secrets to rocking eight different types of accessory — each type comes with its own set of little rules that you should know

Master the Art of Matching Clothes and Make Great First Impressions for the Rest of your Life.

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