Simple Style Solutions That Make Dressing Well Easy

Clueless about fashion? Want to step up your style but no clue how? This men's style guide makes it easy for you

This Simple Guide Shows You How to:

  • Upgrade your style one simple step at a time
  • Sharpen your dress sense for the rest of your life
  • Avoid wasting money on regrettable clothes
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"I got compliments right away. People at work, my girlfriend, parents and friends all said that I looked much better, cleaner and mature. It felt good to be complimented on my clothes when I'm usually criticized."
- Victor Hernandez (Reader)

"There is no other book out there quite like it, and it not only simplifies the concepts of style and dressing better for a fashion rookie like myself, but really gets me excited to try out all the tips in the book."
- Chris de Klerk (Reader)

"Everything you need to know about style and looking your best is in this book. It's straightforward and simple to read and understand and put into practice. You will save yourself a lot of time and money by simply reading this book."
-Asko Kuusisto (Reader)

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