Boost Your Confidence, Get More Respect, and Attract More Attention from the Ladies

Hell yeah! Sounds delicious, right?

Well, if you’d like a taste of these pleasures, you’ll have to step up your style game, dude.

Just think about it.

Your look influences how you see yourself and how you feel. It influences how others see you and how you’re treated. You become the man you see in the mirror.

So when you look average, you feel average, and people treat you like an average Joe. When you look like a bum, you feel like a bum, and people treat you like a bum. And when you look awesome…

Well, do the math.

And Looking Awesome Is Easier Than You Think

You don’t have to wear a stuffy suit every day. You don’t have to be on constant trend-watch. And you don’t have to devour fashion magazines like cheeseburgers.

In fact, to hell with fashion!

Fashion is for guys who are obsessed with clothes. Guys who have been nose-deep into fashion magazines since they were walking their brown leather booties to kindergarten.

You’re not obsessed with clothes, and that means you’re not into fashion.

You’re just a guy that’s sick of the adolescent slob look, and you want to dress in a way that reflects your character, maturity and class.  You just want people to see you for the man you are.

You’re not here to learn about fashion. You’re here to learn about style.

You’re here to learn how to present yourself in the best way possible.

And you’re in luck, because I made it my mission to help rookies like you.

I made it my mission to make style accessible for the everyday guy that just wants to learn how to dress well.

I made it my mission to cut the bullshit and give you advice that’s easy to understand and actually helpful.

Changing Your Style Will Change Your Life

As we turn you into your best-dressed self, you’ll be amazed at the effects you’ll experience.

  • Your confidence will shoot through the roof and you’ll feel more comfortable being yourself.  You’ll look in the mirror and love the guy looking back.
  • People will respect you more and assume you’re smarter, funnier and more capable. Their perception of you will skyrocket. Your boss, colleagues and clients will take you more seriously, and you’ll get more job opportunities because of it.
  • Women will wonder who you are and they’ll hope to catch your attention. They will be the ones diverting their glance when you catch them checking you out.

You’ll outsmart the preschool-minded fools who still think caring about your appearance is “gay”, and scoop opportunities up from right under their noses.

Those guys don’t have the guts to change their style and look awesome.

But you should.

So click “Yes! I Wanna Look Awesome” below and enter your e-mail address to get free chapters from my book and take your first steps to a more awesome look today.

Why I’m So Invested In Upgrading Your Style

Robert's face
Yours truly

Hi, I’m Robert, and I’m not your typical style blogger.

I run this website not as someone obsessed with fashion, but as someone who has experienced the struggles and seen the benefits of a style upgrade first-hand.

I didn’t start this website because poorly dressed men annoy me.

I started this site because poorly dressed men couldn’t find proper guidance if they tried, and that annoys me.

The fashion world aims all its resources at guys who already know how to dress well, and beginners are sorely neglected.

And I want to change that.

Because I know, if these guys would just polish their look up a bit, they would get so much more out of their lives.

Take Me for Example

My life has changed immensely since I took it upon myself to upgrade my style.

I was a regular guy who thought he looked cool and laid-back, but actually looked like a huge slob. Seriously, I was a terrible dresser.

Look for yourself:

Before I became the guy on the right, I was the guy on the left. That is how I used to present myself to the world.

I didn’t have a lot going for me back then. I was shy, dissatisfied with life, and generally unmotivated.

I had studied all my life for a job I no longer wanted. I was on a path I no longer wanted to be on.

But I couldn’t leave my path. I was too far along. People were counting on me.

And who was I to disappoint them?

I dreamed of adventures all over the world. I dreamed of a charm irresistible to women. I dreamed of moves that would make me king of the dance floor.

But I had no time to take action on my dreams, because I was too busy following my path — too busy living my life to other people’s expectations.

Until one day, I looked  in the mirror and felt I had to make a change. I was in my mid-twenties, but still looked the same as in my early teens. I had matured, but my style hadn’t matured with me.

I decided to change the way I presented myself. I decided to completely reinvent my wardrobe.

I Never Realized How Much This Decision Would Change My Life

I can gladly say that I have left my path, and I’ve finally begun chasing my dreams.

  • I took a trip to England, went skiing on the Austrian mountains, and spent six months living on a Spanish island.
  • My social skills have vastly improved and while I’m still no Casanova, I have dated a few amazing girls.
  • I’m still a terrible dancer, but I’m now fully comfortable rocking my crappy moves on the dance-floor and just have fun (and isn’t that what it’s really about?).

Now, I realize attributing all this to my upgraded style is a bit silly, but it gave me a confidence that bled into every other aspect of my life.

I felt more mature and like I deserved respect. People around me took me more seriously and started commenting how I was turning into a man. Most importantly, I stopped living to other people’s expectations and made my happiness and fulfillment a priority.

I now enjoy what I do and where I’m going. I’m making less money than I could, but putting my happiness in front of my earning potential has been the best decision of my life — a decision I never would have made had it not been for my boost in confidence.

I Want You to Reap Similar Rewards

Improving my style was the flap of a butterfly wing that caused a tornado of change in my life — a tornado I was never expecting.

And I’m hoping it will cause a similar tornado for you. I’m hoping you too will gain the confidence to follow your dreams.

That’s why I want to help you.

I know how hard changing your style is as a beginner. It can be overwhelming, confusing and yes, even a bit scary.

So I’m here to make the process as easy as possible for you.

I’ve spent a long time wading through a gigantic pile of bullshit fashion advice, to discover that most of looking good comes down to some very simple concepts.

If you want to discover these concepts yourself, click “Yes! I want to look awesome” below and enter your e-mail address below to get free chapters from my book as well as free updates from the site.

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