How to Stop Your Friends From Mocking Your New Look

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Guy Mocking
Stop This Guy!

Have your friends ever made fun of the new clothes you wore?

I’m sure they have. It’s a pretty common occurrence among guys.

Whenever you try something new (e.g. a hat, a scarf, or a leather jacket), your friends will notice and they will feel an unconquerable need to comment on it. It’s unavoidable.

Now you may have some friends that will give you a compliment, but more often you’ll receive mockery instead.

Some guys will be self-assured enough to shrug these comments off, but others will lose the confidence to ever wear the item again.

It’s a problem that holds a lot of guys back from improving their style.

That’s why I’m going to tell you how to deal with it.

How Most Guys Try to Deal with Mockery

Most guys go into defense-mode when they’re being mocked.

They’re on the road to improvement and they’re expecting a few jabs along the way. Their favorite blogger has told them they shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks.

“Your friends make fun because they’re jealous. They don’t want you to improve yourself, because they don’t want the group dynamic to change. At least you have the balls to try new things and work on your style.”

So when their friends attack, they start repeating those words.

Whiny Kid
“You’re all just jealous! Wah!”

Of course, this only adds fuel to the fire. It won’t make their friends stop. It will only make them more motivated to take you down a notch.

Why do you think they’re cracking jokes in the first place?

You’re Changing Their Reality

Your friends crack jokes, because you’re changing their reality with your newly improved style.

You’re changing your look, but you’re also changing their perception of you. They’re not used to seeing you dressed up, and they need time to adapt. Joking about it is their way of dealing with it.

They may even be a bit afraid of the change, because they worry they might lose you as a friend. They might feel like you’re outgrowing them, and it’s a lot easier to mock you than to grow with you.

Instead of fighting back against their comments and insulting them, you should try and show them you’re still the same old you… Just dressed a lot sharper.

So how do you do it?

Join in on the Fun

What you need to do is start cracking jokes about your new clothes along with them.

This accomplishes a couple of things:

  • It shows them you’re still the same guy they know and love. They can still have fun with you. You’re still part of their group and you’re in on their jokes.
  • It show them you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, and nothing they say can break that.
  • It alleviates all their commentary.

If you’re the one laughing the hardest, they can’t hurt you. They will see you’re not going to break under their pressure and they will be quicker to accept your new look. Heck, they may just start coming to you for fashion advice. Just ask Barron.

group of friends
Show them you’re still part of their group

Now, I’m not saying you should instigate your own mocking, but when your friends inevitably start, you want to top each one of their jokes with one of your own.

The “Yes, and…” Technique

The “Yes, and…” technique, which comes from an old improv exercise, is excellent for dealing with mockery.

It works as follows: Whenever someone makes a joke at your expense, you simply agree with it, and then expand on it.

You just say “Yes, and [insert your joke]” That’s all there is to it.

Let me give you some examples:

Your New Item: A blazer.
The Zinger: “You running for Mayor or something?”
Your Comeback: “Yes, and after that it’s the White House. May even have to get myself a tie then”

Your New Item: A leather jacket.
The Zinger: “What’s up, Fonzie?”
Your Comeback: “Yeah, and I’m not stopping with the jacket. Tomorrow I’m jumping a shark!”

Your New Item: A scarf.
The Zinger: “Dude! Is that your girlfriend’s scarf?”
Your Comeback: “Totally! And I’m wearing her undies as well.“

See how easy that is? You’re taking their joke, and you make it an even bigger joke. It puts you in control of the conversation.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the improvising chops to pull this off, then remember that your joke doesn’t have to be comedic gold. Your friends will probably like your sense of humor already, so you don’t have to try hard. Just say whatever pops into mind.

Alright, Let’s Put You to the Test!

Let me show you how easy it is to use the “Yes, and…” technique.

Imagine I am one of your friends and we made plans to go out for a few drinks. You’re looking a bit dressier than usual, so I say…

“Oooooh la la! Look at you all dressed up. I had no idea this was a date!”

What is your comeback to that? Let’s hear it in the comments!

  • laurel Berryman-Bailey says:

    yes I have been invited to join the Royal Family for Dinner please step aside.

  • Sudhi says:

    M I thank you dear for the compliment

  • André says:

    “Oooooh la la! Look at you all dressed up. I had no idea this was a date!”

    A: And just you wait till you see what I’m wearing under this!

  • soso says:

    yes it is, but with your girl.


    […] secret to dealing with this is not to care and laugh it off. Just crack a joke about it yourself. That way you’ll be in on the joke, instead of the butt of […]

  • Stephen says:

    Yeah, and you better pay if you want to get anywhere with me!

  • BC says:

    “Is that your girlfriend’s scarf?”

    “No–it’s yours. She did tell me last night you never compliment her…”

  • John Doe says:

    Guy Wears a Pink Beanie

    Zinger: What kind of beanie is THAT? or WTF why are you wearing a beanie, you look like [insert super funny but pride-degrading fill in here]

    Response: ??

    • Robert says:

      Zinger: What kind of beanie is that?
      Response: Only the most awesome beanie in the whole wide world. I know, I know, you’re jealous you didn’t find it first.

      Zinger: WTF why are you wearing a beanie, you look like [insert super funny but pride-degrading fill in here]

      Well, ideally, you want to respond to what they use to fill in the blank there, but a general response to this could be something like: “Great! Thank you. That’s exactly what i was going for.”

  • JDG says:

    Your New Item: A blazer
    The Zinger: What do you have an interview?
    Your Comeback: “Yes, I’m interviewing for your job”

  • Lindsey says:

    An alternative to the above:

    Your New Item: A scarf.
    The Zinger: “Dude! Is that your girlfriend’s scarf?”
    Your Comeback: “No mate, it’s your mother’s.”

  • Navid says:

    Yes, let’s make it a threesome !

  • PT says:

    Yes, because isn’t dressing well what society demands of rich and ugly men?
    A little cocky and self-deprecating simultaneously.

  • Michael says:

    I work in a very conservative shop. When a co-worker showed up in a tie and got, “Whoa, look at this guy”. He just quipped back, “It nothing, I have to meet with your parole officer, he wants to talk to me about how you’re doing.”

  • gio says:

    This is my new mantra: “Your friends make fun because they’re jealous. They don’t want you to improve… and work on your style”

    I just had a chapter and kind of lost it, the girl is bitch but I should’ve followed the bad joke and own it and own her as well ;) thanks for all your true help!

    • Robert says:

      Haha good mantra, Gio. Although I’m note sure your friends are jealous. Most people don’t understand when peope try to make positive chnges in their lives, because most people are too scared to do it themselves.

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    […] They are based off of responses that Robert of Restart Your Style suggested for when friends mock your new style change. […]

  • What to say to friends when they bust your balls for what you’re eating says:

    […] They are based off of responses that Robert of Restart Your Style suggested for when friends mock your new style change. […]

  • maaz alizai says:

    brother robert can i tawk to u on skype or facebook is it possible i hope u wont mind but i need to talk to u directly if its possible do reply

    • Robert says:

      I have very limited internet access at the moment, Maaz. Sign up for my free e-mail updates and reply to your welcome e-mail with you issue, and I’ll respond

  • LV says:

    “You never know when and where you might run into that hot babe I want to ask out, or my future wife. It could be tonight. Why not look good?” Said with a grin and a wink.


    “Yeah, what do you think of this look?” This is designed to not be antagonistic or dismissive of his opinion, but maybe actually get him interested and involved. If he’s a friend with me out for drinks, he’s at the very least a temporary wingman to let me know what’s working or isn’t!

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, getting them on your team might work as well. Kinda depends on the type of people you hang out with though. I know a good handful of guys that would eloquently dismiss almost anything as “looking gay”.

  • Tom says:

    You didn’t? Well this is awkward. I guess I’m not buying you drinks then.

  • RM says:

    I was in an elevator with my entire team of colleagues when it started. I just looked them up and down and said deadpan “don’t blame me for you f**kers not knowing how to dress.”

    Problem solved.

  • Cody says:

    “You bet your ass, sweetheart!” *slap to the ass*

  • James says:

    Yeah, and you’d better put out.

  • James says:

    Yes, but I don’t think I’ll be using that dating website anymore – you don’t look anything like you did online!

  • >