The 98 Best Colorful Socks for Men to Give Your Outfits a Pop of Fun

colorful men's socks

Are you thinking about getting a pair of colorful socks? 

The traditional rule states that men’s socks should match the pants, which means you’d wear black, gray or blue socks most of the time, a.k.a. BORING. 

When you wear colorful socks, you stand out. People will notice them and comment on them. They’re a great conversation starter. 

Fun and colorful socks are an expression of your creative and playful side. They make a statement: You don’t play by the rules and can think for yourself. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual crew sock in a funky pattern, a colorful dress sock that you can wear to the office, or a fun novelty sock with silly graphics, we’ve got you covered.

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Our Picks for the Best Colorful Socks for Men in 19 Categories

Below you’ll find our list of colored socks by different categories — from casual to dress socks, and from funky patterns to understated stripes. You’ll find a pair that fits what you’re looking for.

We’ve perused over 50 online shops and dozens of sock collections to compile our list of favorites. But if you’d like to do your own research, we also included a list of our 30 favorite shops with the best collections of colorful socks.

Lastly, we’ll explain how to wear colored socks in a way that looks stylish and intentional. 

Colorful Crew Socks for Casual Wear

Funky Graphic socks

Graphic socks have a cool graphic print or design on them, which can look quite stylish. If you don’t like any of our picks, check out Society6 for an awesome collection of unique graphic design socks.

Funky Patterned Socks

If you’re sick of boring patterns, check out some of there funky feet-warmers. They will stand out without being overly goofy. They’re just fun. For more socks like these, check out Ties.com or Black Socks (they have a LOT more than black socks).

Fun Colored Striped Socks

Subtle stripes can look great on socks, but these socks turn the dial up to eleven with the boldest of colors. These were some of our favorites, but you can find our favorite collection of colorful striped socks at Ties.com.

Solid Colored Crew Socks

Maybe you’re not looking for crazy graphic or patterns; you just want solid socks in a bold color without too many bells and whistles. These all have excellent quality and will draw attention when they peek out between your pants and shoes. Below you’ll find some of our favorite funky colors, but MeUndies offers this sock in no less than 13 different colors.

Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are socks with a theme. Themes range from animals and sports to hobbies and foods; there’s a novelty sock for everyone. These are our picks, but you can find many more in stores like Sock it to Me or Conscious Step (the latter of which donates to a good cause when you purchase socks from them.)

Retro Socks

Looking for a perfect 60’s or 70’s throwback, check out these funky retro socks. You can find many more like these at Society6.

Silly Socks

Some socks are bound to make a smile appear on everyone who catches a glimpse of them. Silly socks are a type of novelty sock, but rather than themes they are funny. You’ll find an incredibly collection of this funny footwear at Happy Socks.

Wool Socks

Sometimes you just want to feel cozy with a pair of colorful wool sock. These socks have cool colors and will keep your feet nice and toasty in winter. Check out Loritta and SmartWool for more options.

Cozy Socks

Of course, you don’t have to go with wool to keep your feet comfy. These cozy socks are made with alternative materials but will do the trick just as well.

Cool Socks with Subtle Patterns

If you’re looking for colorful socks that aren’t too over the top, you can also go with some more subtle patterns, like the ones below. Society6, once again, offers an excellent collection of these.

Compression Socks

If you suffer from tired legs of swollen calves, you should get a pair of compression socks, as they will help improve your blood circulation. But compression socks don’t need to be boring. Here are some colorful picks:

Athletic Socks

Tired of wearing boring white or black socks to the gym or when you’re running? Want to look sharp, even when you’re sweating it up? These athletic socks will give you a nice pop of color.

Colorful Ankle Socks

In summer, you don’t want to sport the same crew socks that you normally wear. They make an awful pair with shorts. Instead, you could go for ankle socks, which still allow you to have a small pop of color above your shoe.

No-Show Socks

If you don’t want your socks to show at all, but still like the idea of wearing something fun and colorful on your feet, go for no-show socks. With these, you’ll certainly get a reaction when you take your shoes off at the beach.

Colorful Dress Socks You Can Wear to the Office

Maybe you’re not looking for casual crew socks for your everyday wear. Instead, you may want to liven up your office suit or your business casual outfit with some colorful dress socks. These socks below will help you stand out around the office. That said, some of the bolder colors or design may not be appropriate for all offices (depending on their dress standards) or for job interviews. You may want to leave them for Casual Fridays or outside-the-office events.

Solid Colored Dress Socks

The safest option you have is a pair of solid colored dress socks. They won’t look out of place under a business suit, and can make an outfit look classy and intentional when done right. You may even wear the bolder colored socks to the office if you coordinate them with the rest of your outfit.

Striped Dress Socks

If you want to add a bit more punch, go with some colorful stripes. Like solid socks, they’re not offensive, and striped socks go especially well with solid colored suits.

Argyle Dress Socks

Argyle is a classic sock pattern that can range from understated to bold (and you can find everything in between over at Ties.com). It’s the most visually interesting pattern you can wear without crossing the line into unprofessional.

Dotted Dress Socks

Polka dots are an evergreen pattern that won’t go out of style any time soon. Now, you don’t want to wear giant polka dots on your ankles though. Instead, opt for subtle pin dots like the socks below.

Patterned Dress Socks

You can find many other patterns that are understated enough to wear out to the office, like the ones below. From checks to grenadine to sprinkles, these subtle patterns will give your business outfit a pop of personality without taking it over the top.

Fun Colored Dress Socks

Now, these are not appropriate for serious meetings, but if it’s Casual Friday and you feel like you want to have some fun, these are some good picks. They’re not so over-the-top crazy that they’ll look out of place under a suit, but they’re a bit more fun than the usual sock patterns you see.

The 29 Best Places to Buy Colorful Socks for Men

In our research, we went through over 50 online sock stores to find the best ones for you, but not all of them had a great selection. If you couldn’t find any socks to your liking in our selection, these 29 stores offer you an incredible array of options in many different styles:

  1. Society6
  2. Ties.com / Sock Genius
  3. Sock it to Me
  4. Happy Socks
  5. Conscious Step
  6. August Apparel
  7. Black Socks
  8. Boardroom Socks
  9. Ozone Socks
  10. Unsimply Stitched
  11. Pair of Thieves
  12. Ministry of Supply
  13. Sock Fancy
  14. Hook + Albert
  15. No Cold Feet
  16. Modern Motif Sock Co
  17. Soxfords
  18. Dapper Classics
  19. Society Socks
  20. Southern Scholar
  21. Zoraab
  22. Tie Your Socks
  23. Sock Club
  24. Marino Avenue
  25. Crazy Socks
  26. Foot  Traffic
  27. Goodly
  28. WestMister Socks
  29. Socks in a Box

Enjoy Your Colorful Socks

Between our picks and the stores we’ve listed, you’re bound to find a pair of colorful socks you like. Whether you prefer solid socks, understated ones, or bold and crazy socks, the important thing is to coordinate the sock with your outfit and make it look intentional.

They may not be for everyone, but if you’re the kind of guy who likes to push the edge with their style, these are some of the best socks you can buy.

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