13 Fashion Tips for Beginners from 13 Influential Style Bloggers

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Whenever we start working on our sense of style, there are always people that influence us, whether we like it or not. These people could be celebrities, big brothers or stylish friends.

Over the years there have been a lot of people that influenced me. Sometimes this would be for the better, and other times it was for the worse.

Before I started teaching myself about style, it was mostly the latter.

I would often try to implement these people’s clothes into my own outfits, without much thought to what I was wearing them with. This often resulted in disastrous ensembles.

One could accurately describe my past fashion sense as a melting pot of different styles with a base of crap.

In most recent years however, there have been a lot of people that influenced me in a positive way. They made me see the light that I should be focusing on the basics. From that point on, everything got easier.

Now that you’ve decided to restart your own sense of style, it’s important for you to have such positive influences yourself.

That’s why I’ve gathered a bunch of awesome style bloggers and asked them the following questions:

  1. If you could only give 1 helpful tip to a man that’s completely clueless about style, what would it be?
  2. Why do you think your tip would be most beneficial?”

Here are their answers:

Antonio Centeno

Antonio Centeno – Real Men Real Style

“I could go on and on about what a man needs to care about when it comes to style, but I would say if I could give only one helpful tip, it’s that he should give a damn.

I think that’s important, because it leads to everything else. If you can convince a guy that style really does matter, then he’s going to find a way to make it happen. When a man is hungry, he figures out a way to feed himself. When your back is up against a wall, you figure out a way to get to where you need to go.

So I can’t tell a man what his style is going to be. I don’t know his history. I don’t know his future. I don’t know his circumstances.

But, I do know that if he understand how important it is, and someone helps him achieve his goals, then he’s going to find a way to dress better. Whatever that means to him.“

Barron Cuadro

Barron Cuadro – Effortless Gent

“If a man is completely clueless but genuinely interested in improving his own style, I’d tell him that the best thing he could do for himself is realize that style comes from confidence.

When a guy is confident in who he is and the choices he has to make, he can easily look good. All it takes is a bit of reading, research, and application of the things he learns.

Buuut, if you’re looking for a really specific helpful tip, I’d say grab a pair of dark, inky, straight leg, slim-fitting denim.

Because every guy looks 100x better in dark denim over the faded, baggy, dad jean variety. :)”

Matt Allinson

Matt Allinson – FashionBeans

“The one tip, or thing to start paying attention to, for someone who is new to dressing better is FIT! Having your clothes fit you properly is what takes you from a boy to a man, from being clueless to knowing what you’re doing, from looking average to looking your best.

The great thing about fit is that it isn’t prejudice. Doesn’t matter what your style is, everyone benefits from good fit.

Even if you just wear T-shirts and jeans all day, having these fit your body will automatically boost your style, make you look better and have more confidence.

There are plenty of articles on it (including the first one I ever wrote) so it’s easy to get advice on what to start looking for. Once you’ve nailed the fit of your clothes, everything else will fall into place.

You may even begin to feel comfortable enough to start venturing into other pieces and looks, and experimenting with your personal style in order to find out what really suits you.

If all else fails, go for fit. And stay away from the three evils – Boredom, Vice and Fashion.”

Dan Trepanier

Dan Trepanier – Articles of Style

“1. Do your research.

2. Knowledge is power.”

Sabir M. PeeleSabir M. Peele – Men’s Style Pro

“Grow up and dress like a man.

Why this tip is important: A fair amount of guys feel like they are still able to dress the same way they did when they were a teenager.

I will say that it is okay to embrace your youth for as long as you can, but there is no real need to dress like you don’t understand that you have grown up and now have a 401k. Take pride into getting your measurement from a tailor.

When you start to dress like a grown up, others will begin to treat your like one.”

Jay SongJay Song – Kinowear

“I’d say that the biggest tip that a guy can implement into improving his style is focusing on the right fit for his body type.

Most men wear clothes that are a size too large for them. Sometimes it’s going to be hard to find something that fits perfectly off the rack – but you have to be ruthless.

If it’s really hard, then your tailor is going to be your best friend.

Either way, a man should make sure to get educated on how each type of clothing should fit on him, and what flatters his frame.

This one tip will transform the way a man feels and looks in his clothes. He’ll start to get compliments from both women and men. Wearing clothes that are more form-fitting and tailored will make you look sharper, smarter, and fashionable.”

Megan CollinsMegan Collins – Style Girlfriend

“Start small! Improving your style doesn’t have to mean a complete wardrobe overhaul – throwing out everything you own and buying all new clothes like those makeover shows on TV. That’s way too drastic.

Instead, it’s about incorporating little changes that eventually make a big difference in your wardrobe.

Guys can be intimidated by talk of fashion and style. Some guys give up on their style before even starting, because they think you have to be an expert and buy up everything in GQ. Or worse, they think it’s a “girl” thing that they’re not allowed to care about. But everyone should be concerned with presenting themselves in a way that they’re proud of.

Like it or not, your clothes play a big part of that.“

Grant HarrisGrant Harris – Image Granted

“Men who are clueless about style (unfortunately that’s many of us) only need to remember that finding out who they are and what their style is now and what it will be in the future is a journey, not a destination.

The best dressers on the planet didn’t get that way in one day. It takes weeks, months, and often years for a man to attain a certain level of confidence with his personal style.

Even when that level is reached there is always more for a man to learn about himself and subsequently about his style.

A man’s style will change drastically in some years and minimally in others. However your style may change or stay the same remember to enjoy the journey of getting there more than actually arriving.”

Luigi ArmanteLuigi Amante – Essential Style for Men

“I guess the first question is whether or not that person wants to improve their own personal sense of style. Assuming that in fact was the case, I would highly recommend modelling his (or her) style based on their lifestyle.

If all you did was outdoor sports, then it wouldn’t make sense to have 30 suits. (although having one good suit would be a good idea.)

Just to clarify – when we at ESM talk about “style”, it’s not necessarily just about clothes. It’s also about how you do things and how you live your life.

When we talk about style, we’re talking about expressing the best about one’s self, whether it be through clothes, gear or how one lives their life.

Style should make sense, feel right and more importantly – make you feel better about yourself. The best place to start (aside from reading essentialstyleformen.com) is to find your own style icon and emulate his or her style.

Once you get the hang of it, try branching out on your own.”

Andy GilchristAndy Gilchrist – Ask Andy About Clothes

“Make sure your clothes fit! Not only fit your body, but fit the situation your are in – make sure they are appropriate, and make sure they “fit” each other in color/pattern coordination.

If you can achieve making your clothing fit you, fit in and coordinate, you’re going to present yourself in the best image. And image is really important. It’s how other’s perceive you and that information is how they react and interact with you.

You might get your way, impress a beautiful woman or your boss and get upgraded to First Class!”

Cillian O'ConnorCillian O’Connor – Male Mode

“Educate yourself; don’t blindly follow diktats, but rather learn what suits you and what makes you feel confident.

The most stylish men don’t adhere to the fluctuations of fashion, but are instead selective, incorporating or excluding new trends as appropriate, never losing sight of their own personal style.”

George LazarGeorge Lazăr – Be Stylish

“Any man that just discovered style and its amazing benefits should think about *fit* first. “Fit is king” as they say and it’s the starting point to all good outfits.

Because even if you have a perfectly matched outfit, even if you have great accessories on it, if it’s too baggy or it looks too tight on you, you still failed with that outfit.

Clothes should fit you like a glove. Otherwise, you’ll feel uncomfortable in them and people will notice that.”

Marcus JayeMarcus Jaye – The Chic Geek

“Start Simply. Think of style like cooking. You don’t start with Michelin starred food, you first perfect how to boil an egg. You have to learn the basics first, and the same goes for style.

This can feel like an overwhelming subject for guys and many don’t know where to start. If you make them feel in control and break it down, then they are more likely to understand where to begin.”

Thanks a Lot For All Your Awesome Contributions!

Now I turn to my readers.

I’m sure this isn’t the first style article you’ve read, so I want to know something from you: What is the one piece of advice that has had the biggest, most positive effect on your personal style so far?

Did somebody mention it on this list already? Or, did you just have a major epiphany from reading the tips above?

Let us know in the comments!

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