Why You Need to Understand Style Basics to Become a Better Dresser

When you set out to improve your dressing sense, there is one thing that should be your main focus: Understanding the basics.

Improving your style should always begin with this, because without knowing how to get the basics right, nothing you try will really pan out and building a wardrobe that makes you look amazing will take a lot longer.

Without a fundamental knowledge of style, it will take a very long time to develop a good fashion sense. Eventually you may get there on your own, but it’s a lot easier to do when you have the basics ingrained in your mind. Trust me.

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Why Most Information Out There Won’t Help a Style Novice

I feel like most of the fashion infosphere is very low on fashion tips for beginners. A place to learn the basics doesn’t really exist. Most sites just throw you in the deep end.

At the same time I think that learning the basics would be the most beneficial to a lot of men.

Fashion blogs or magazines tend to be highly focused on more advanced students of style. This is understandable, because the people with an interest in style are their biggest target market.

This doesn’t help style novices though, because they will end up applying the information without knowing how to get the basics right. It usually results in disaster.

I know, because I’ve been there. This is exactly what I did for quite a long time.

Another problem is that none of us realize we’re doing anything wrong! We’re usually so accustomed to the way we dress, we don’t even notice fundamental flaws. This is why simple mistakes get repeated over and over by guys that are genuinely trying to improve.

Go Through This Section, Even if You Think You’ve Got it All Down

The first step to restarting your style is to develop an understanding. I will gather all the information that I deem most important for a style novice on this very page.

Even if you think “Well, I already have that down.” or “Nah, that doesn’t apply to me.” Go through them. It never hurts to brush up on the basics, and you just may learn that you don’t have that down, or that it does apply to you.

Again, I’ve been there… Often!

Teaching yourself the basics will have the biggest effect on your style, and will make the rest all that much easier.

Understanding Style Begins Here!

Before doing anything else, go through the articles listed below. They will have the utmost value to you.

And there’s a lot more to come…

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