How to Wear Suspenders for Men

Suspenders Are No Longer Just For Holding Up Pants
Suspenders Are No Longer Just For Holding Up Pants

Since men no longer need suspenders to hold up their pants, they have evolved from a necessity to a style accessory. It’s true that you don’t need to have suspenders in your wardrobe and I’m not going to tell you that you need to go out and buy one right now, but they can be a fun accessory that can give you a very distinctive look.

You should try some on, and see how you feel in them. Do you feel comfortable wearing them? Are you confident enough to make this accessory work? Maybe you don’t know how to wear suspenders for men. Here are a few looks you could try out:

Look 1: Casual Cool

Suspenders for the Casual Cool Look
Suspenders for the Casual Cool Look

Suspenders can really give something extra to your casual look. Wear them over a casual shirt and some nice looking chino pants like the guys pictured above. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt and try to add some more accessories. As you can see, this can create an amazing ensemble. The suspenders are truly part of their outfits, instead of something worn to catch the eye. Their outfit are pulled together very well.

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Look 2: Wall Street

Suspenders for the Wall Street Look
Suspenders for the Wall Street Look

If you’re going for the corporate look, then wearing a pair of wide suspenders with your suit will definitely get you there. Just watch the movie  Wall Street again, and look at Gordon Gekko’s outfits for inspiration. Wearing a pair of suspenders under your suit jacket will make sure people will take notice of you every time you take it off.

Look 3: Indie Punk

Suspenders for the Indie Punk Look
Suspenders for the Indie Punk Look

Suspenders are quite popular in the punk community, and the style they create with them is great to use as inspiration for your own. When a pair of skinny suspenders is paired with a well-worn t-shirt, some beat up jeans and a few punk appropriate accessories, you have a very subversive look on your hands with a lot of personality.

You don´t need to start dressing as a punk rocker, but you can take their look as inspiration and adapt it to suit your own style. If punk isn’t your thing, just tone down the edginess, like the guy pictured right. Try a pair of skinny suspender over your plain white t-shirt and favorite pair of jeans, and see how you like it. Add the accessories that you already wear, rather than going out to buy accessories to complete the punk look.


I hope these looks have given you some idea on how to wear a pair of men’s suspenders yourself. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the way you wear them should suit your personal style. If not, you will not feel comfortable wearing them, and it will only harm your confidence. People will take notice of this. However, if you simply add suspenders to your usual style, they will not look out of place.

  • Jed says:

    Recently started wearing suspenders, and find them so comfortable. I generally get good comments when I wear them in public, yet I am always nervous of showing them. Do other guys feel the same?

  • Happy suspender-man says:

    Funny how you ask in the post if the reader is confident enough to wear suspenders. Because I am definitely not a very confident man, but still wear suspenders nearly every day (normally with outfits somewhere between Casual Cool and Wall Street). I started to wear them because I was so fat that using belts was painful and futile, because the pants rolled down from the mighty barrel of a stomach anyway. In fact, both my comfort and confidence increased a lot after the change, because now my shirts actually stayed inside the pants and the said pants stayed up. Also, to my great surprise I got sincere compliments about how good the suspenders looked on me (probably because I had bought three pairs of them with colours complementing the corresponding colour schemes of my dress shirts). Now, 80 pounds slimmer, I still wouldn’t change back to using belts with suit trousers for anything. In my opinion, a belt is the better choice only with jeans. Suspenders are simply that good, not just as accessories but in practical use too. No more pressing belt buckles or escaping shirt hems. In fact, I plan to buy at least two pairs more with more interesting colours and patterns.

    To sum up, suspenders could deserve an even longer post. Especially since there’s a bit of hassle for a beginner to adjust them right, and people could use some tips with that. Plus they aren’t only for old guys (for instance, I’m 30).

    Great blog, by the way! I’ve read many of the posts, and the advice seems very solid; simple and common sense.

  • Ted Williams Menswear says:

    I love the casual and indie look particularly as suspenders or braces as we would call them here in the UK are often considered to be worn only under suits etc

  • Thomas says:

    I love the look and idea’s behind it but I think I would like it better if the models represented a larger portion of the population. The models some of the photos are to thin and if the average man were to attempt to wear something like that they would look like a divided sausage. I do like the overall idea but would be able to relate to it better if the models were better representations of average.

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