Stop Trying to Stand Out and Start Dressing Better

Harry & Lloyd
Now These Guys Stand Out!

Do you try to stand out with your clothes?

Have you ever considered this may be the wrong approach?

Lots of guys think dressing well means standing out, but what if I told you standing out shouldn’t be your purpose?

Just take a look at Harry and Lloyd, pictured right.

Do these guys stand out?


In a good way?

Weeeeell… I’ll just let you answer that one.

Now, I know you probably don’t dress as extreme as Lloyd and Harry in that picture, but that doesn’t mean what I’m about to tell you doesn’t apply to you.

When you choose to work on your style, it often means that you no longer want to blend in. You want your clothes to say something. You want to look like a more refined snowflake than all the other snowflakes around you. You want to make an impression.

You can achieve all of it, but you won’t if your main goal is to stand out.

Here’s why…

Why You Shouldn’t Aim to Stand Out

We would all like to be that guy that’s known for the way he dresses. But is that still what you want, if the way you’re known to dress is all shades of wrong?

When your goal is to stand out with your clothes, your focus will be on buying clothes that stand out. Instead of a great wardrobe foundation, you’ll end up with a closet full of statement pieces.

You’ll see articles saying “This will set you apart from all the other guys!” or “Wear this and stand out from the crowd!”, and you’ll get it all.

You will end up wearing too many statement pieces at the same time, which won’t only make you look like a fool, but you will also look like you’re trying way too hard.

A man shouldn’t look like he’s trying too hard with his clothes. The most stylish men look like they grabbed something out of the closet without a lot of thought. (Though this doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t put thought into it.)

Remember, Rule #6 states to keep it simple. There’s no need for extravagance. The best style for a man is a subtle one.

Trying to stand out too much will only have an adverse effect on how others perceive you. Y0u should aim for something else instead…

What You Should Be Aiming For

When dressing yourself, your only aim should be to look awesome.

This means that your clothes need to flatter you. They need to complement your frame and skin-tone. They need to suit your personality and lifestyle. They need to make you look like the best dressed version of yourself.

When you change your mindset from “I have to stand out” to “I have to look great”, you’ll be less inclined to wear too many flashy items at the same time, and more inclined to actually create an outfit that rocks.

And the best part is that when you look great in your clothes, it will make you stand out anyway. It’s a natural consequence. You won’t even need to try.

So in the end, I guess those guys I mentioned earlier have it right after all. Dressing well does mean standing out… Just not in the way they think.

Are you guilty of trying too stand out to much with your clothes? Do you often wear too many statement pieces at the same time? Let us know it in the comments!

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