What to Wear With Black Jeans

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People always say that black goes with everything, and they say the same about jeans. So theoretically black jeans should be the ultimate in versatility.

So is it true?

No, I am afraid not. They are quite versatile though.

Today we’ll go over a few good looks for black jeans. I will give a few easy looks for our fashion newcomers, as well as one that’s a bit harder to pull off. After reading this article, you will never be stuck wondering what to wear with black jeans.

Look 1: Black and White

black jeans with white examples

When it comes to black jeans, the easiest items to match them with are a white shirt or T-shirt. Since those are both wardrobe essentials, you should already have them in your closet anyway, so you don’t even need to go shop for clothes to achieve this one. Black and white create a perfect contrast. Why do you think traditional tuxes are black and white? It’s a classic combination.

You can keep it simple with just a white shirt or tee, or you can dress this look up a bit. Add a black leather jacket or blazer to create two very different vibes. Add some accessories, like a cool neck chain, a slim tie or red hat (See Ryan Philippe above) to add some personality to you appearance. Finally, finish the look off with some crisp white sneakers and you’re set.

Look 2: Black as the Anchor

Black Jeans as Anchor Examples

Black jeans can serve as a great anchor for your statement pieces. Their neutrality will make colors pop very well. This makes it perfect to wear with top garments in bolder colors or patterns. While black jeans won’t look bad with darker colors, your aim here is to create as much contrast as possible. Bright and vivid is the way to go.

To go the extra mile, try to have some black details on your top half, like a red shirt with black buttons or a blue T-shirt with a black graphic on it. Alternatively, you could add some black accessories, like the guy pictured right in the image above. These may seem like small touches, but color repetition can bring an outfit from good to excellent.

Wear black shoes with this look, except when you happen to own a pair in the color of your top half.

Look 3: All-Black Ensemble

Black on Black Examples

While you might think this would be an easy look to pull off, it’s actually quite hard. For the all-black ensemble to work you need to get the shades exactly right. If not, your clothes will look faded and worn out.

If you do try this look out, try adding some accessories to break the black up a bit — e.g. a silver belt-buckle and a silver neck chain.

Rock Your Black Jeans with Style

Black jeans can give your wardrobe a bit of variety. Most guys stick to the standard blue jeans, with which there is nothing wrong, but a bit of diversification is never a bad thing. Now that you know how to wear black jeans, you can go out and look for a pair that meets your personal style.


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