The Only Step-By-Step Men’s Style Guide for Beginners

Beginner's Guide to Dressing Better CoverEver wish there was a way to develop your sense of style without having to search through dozens and dozens of online articles?

Ever wish you could find a roadmap to better style that helped you focus on what’s important, and took you through it step by step?

Well, look no more.

Today I’m releasing The Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Better.

This guide is the product of years of research, experimentation and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

My Story

I spent years years digging through online and offline resources, trying to make sense of it all. You have no idea how much money I wasted on clothes that I regretted buying a few months later.

And the problem was that I was shooting in the dark. I had no idea where to start, and was reading stuff at random. I just tried this and tried that, and I would just hope it would help.

But results were always minimal. I would look at the way I dressed six months, one year, two years later, and though I dressed differently, my overall look didn’t improve.

During that time, I always wished there was some resource that would just tell me what to do each step of the way.

Instead of having to find my own ways through the maze, I wished I had a map that would give me directions.

Years later, when things finally started to click in my head, I realized I had been trying to take step 10, 11, and 12, while I hadn’t taken steps 2, 3 and 4.And without taking those first few steps, nothing I tried mattered.

How this Guide Will Help You

I wrote this guide; to help you, the style beginner, to take the right steps, and take them in order.

I have wasted years trying to piece everything together, only to later realize 90% of fashion “tips” are only useful if you already have a sense of style.

I have wasted hundreds of dollars only to later regret my decision. You have no idea how many clothes I’ve thrown away over the years, after realizing they didn’t suit me at all.

This guide will help you avoid doing the same.

You’ll avoid wasting time on advice that won’t help you, and you’ll avoid wasting money on clothes you’ll later regret buying.

With The Beginner’s Guide to Dressing Better you can move straight to what works, and start dressing sharper right from the start.

What You’ll Learn Inside This Guide

To give you a little taste of what to expect, here are some things you’ll discover inside the guide:

  • How one item can help you put better-looking outfits together
  • How to rebuild your wardrobe so (almost) all your clothes match
  • How to get the fit of your clothes exactly right (pictures included)
  • How to stop matching the wrong colors
  • How to layer your clothes with style
  • How to pick the right kind of shirts, tees, jeans, pants and blazers
  • How to reinvent your wardrobe when you’re on a tight budget
  • How to save countless hours of shopping in the future
  • How to dress in a way that flatters your body-type
  • How to pick outfits that stand out without looking try-hard

And much, much more.

With this guide in your toolbox, you’ll have no trouble fixing your style, and making killer first impression on everyone you meet from here on out.

So grab you copy today, and prepare to take your style to the next level.

  • Mi Muba says:

    It is not much difficult to look better and dress better. But dressing better in a budget is the heck of the task. This sort of dressing solution will have a global appeal. I hope you will think to make it your next project.

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